Amazon Affiliate Link Bookmarklet Generator

Short URLs


Firefox install

Drag and drop (simplest)

  1. Drag and drop this link into your bookmark bar: Amazon Affiliate

Paste new bookmark (alternative)

  1. Copy this bookmarklet text:
  2. Right click the Bookmarks bar
  3. Click New Bookmark...
  4. Enter name
  5. Paste bookmarklet text into Location field

Chrome install

Unfortunately, Google Chrome does not support bookmarklets like this one. For this reason, I am considering building a Chrome plugin that provides the same functionality as the Firefox bookmarklet.

To be notified when a Chrome plugin is available, enter your email:

Testing your link

You can use the Amazon Associates Link Checker to make sure the URLs you generate are proper affiliate links.

How'd you do?

I made this tool while curating the Coding for Interviews book list.

I based the bookmarklet javascript off of Stoyan Stefanov's how-to.

This took a good hour and a cup of coffee. If you used this tool, please drop me a line and let me know how it went. I'm always happy to hear that my work is being enjoyed.